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How To-Real Estate Investing with No Money

Is this a catch 22 or what? You’ve little or no money and want to make money investing real estate. Do you spend what you have to learn how and find yourself left with nothing to implement the techniques, strategies, and systems you learn, or do you take what you have and apply it to what you already know?

If you know absolutely nothing of how to do this then I would suggest you spend the money on learning how first. Then find more money to put your knowledge to work. On the other hand if you already have some knowledge of what to do–maybe you’ve already spent 1000′s to learn–then I say take what you have and just go do it.

I personally have spent thousands learning. Was it what I needed to do? Maybe, maybe not, but it’s done and so be it. The mistake I made was not sticking to one thing. I would spend all my money on learning the latest and greatest “new” strategy that is working in “Today’s” market. Then of course I found myself left with nothing to implement my knowledge with. By the time I had more money to go to work I would again spend it on learning the latest and greatest new strategy. Granted I gained a Lot of knowledge this way, but did it ever make me any money, NO.

This last time I resisted the temptation to chase down the “Newest” strategy and simply took my money and my knowledge and just Went For It. Am I Glad I Did!!

See I could have gotten another wonderful coaching program with all the bells and whistles to take me from know nothing to closing my first deal, but I realized I didn’t know nothing. Did I know “Everything,” no, but I felt I knew enough to just give it a go. What’s the worst that could happen, I end up with no more money? I would not have had any money left the other way either, so why not.

Now was I one of the amazing success stories the gurus show you who went out and found their first deal in one week and made thousands of dollars? Heck NO!! It took me a long time before I finally closed that elusive first deal. Was it worth the effort? Heck Yeah!! That first deal made each subsequent deal that much easier and now they are old hat. Simple as Pie. Although pie really isn’t that simple is it.

What I’m saying is that all the fears that were holding me back all those years began to just fade away. Fears like making fool out of myself, embarrassing myself from my lack of knowledge, FAILURE, or simply just talking to people, now all seem quite trivial. Although when starting out they certainly can look like Mt Everest barefooted.

So do you spend your money to learn, or should you spend your money to do. I cannot answer that for you. Only you will know when you are ready, but you need to get ready sooner rather than later. My life has changed and yours can to. Will it be easy? Will you be the one who finds a deal in week one? Probably not. You will like most of us have to work hard and stay determined, You will have to overcome many obstacles like figuring out what to do first, next, and so on. Wondering if you really have a deal or did you value it incorrectly. Actually making an offer. Finding a buyer to flip to. Or a dozen other things that are all part of it. But if you just keep plugging along it will one day all fall together and you will then be on your way.

Ultimately can you make money in real estate investing with no money…Not really…it’s going to take money, but you can have enough to make it if you just try. It will cost some of you more than others and then there will always be that guy who did it with nothing and found his, or her, first deal in a day. So it wasn’t you. Don’t give up, put you mind to it, and stay determined. Those three things are probably just as if not more important than the tons of knowledge you could spend your money on first. Then after you’ve done it, Go get some more knowledge, because you can never have enough in this business.

Benefits Of Investing In Low Cost Online Marketing Tools

For any online marketing campaign to succeed, there is a need to use either free or low-cost online marketing tools. It does not matter how huge your marketing budget is, but the truth is that there is a lot to be gained from using free or cheap internet marketing resources. Below we look at some of the advantages of using affordable yet high quality marketing software.

The main reason why people market online is for them to reach a wider audience. In order to achieve that goal, many marketers have now resorted to the use of reliable and reputable marketing tools. They do this so as to attract and get more customers. It is a fact that the more customers you have, the greater are your chances of success. Besides boosting sales and increasing sales, online marketing tools can also help any business owner to get repeat business from the same valued customers.

Another great advantage of using cheap internet marketing tools is that they allow you to automate your business functions. Many successful internet marketers automate many different parts of their businesses. This gives them more time to concentrate on other marketing activities.

In most cases it has been proven that affordable internet marketing tools are as effective as their more expensive counterparts. If a business uses more affordable marketing tools, it reduces its operations costs thereby maximizing profits in the process. After all, the goal of any business is to make more money and investing in cheap but useful tools allows you to achieve that.

Another advantage of using cheap marketing tools is the fact that most of these tools are reliable, effective and flexible. This is what most internet marketers look for in a tool. It is very rare to find an expensive marketing resource which is easy to use. Besides being expensive, these tools will take most of your time as you try to learn how to install let alone use them.

Aside from the obvious advantages, cheap marketing tools keep you ahead of your competitors. They give you the competitive advantage which is really good for any type of business. These tools would give your business the uniqueness it deserves without spending thousands of dollars. They also allow you to expose your business on world markets with a click of a button.

Some marketing tools can also help your business in establishing credibility. Research has shown that using credible tools which are being used by other established businesses in your field can help in gaining the trust and faith of your customers. Just imagine going into a huge new super-market. You go around and as you approach the refrigerators you find that there are no soft drinks. You just feel that something is wrong even if you do not drink Coke. This could explain why many new businesses start by putting a certain sign on their shops. It helps them in gaining credibility. You should do the same for your business. . Try to use at least one or two popular tools and it wont take much effort to gain people’s trust.