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Turks and Caicos Real Estate

It is any real estate broker or investor’s dream to find a property surrounded by exotic flora, “baby blue water” beaches, constant sunny weather and tourism. Fortunately, there are many places around the world that follow these criteria however, the Turks and Caicos Islands are one of these places that seem to gain in popularity. Why is investing in Turks and Caicos real estate a topic that many people around the world are talking about?

The Turks and Caicos Islands are a combination of two island groups, The Turks Islands and the Caicos Islands. These Islands are located southeast of the Bahamas and south of Miami. They are abundant in amazing vegetation, flora and possess one of the largest coral reefs systems in the world. Not to mention that the climate is always sunny all year long. It is no wonder that the number of people that come to visit these islands represents more than 5 times their own population!

The population is just over 33,000 which are predominantly composed of African descendant people. The population is largely situated in the Caicos Islands due to its share in area (it occupies 82% of the land area). In these Islands we find the Providenciales which is the main urban area of the Turks and Caicos. It is also the area where most of the tourists visit and presents great opportunities in creation of businesses and real estate. Despite this, there are many surrounding islands including the Turks islands that are very low in population or even vacant. These areas truly give opportunities for people to build homes where they simply do not want to be disturbed by cities.

Another interesting fact is that there are no income taxes. This is absolutely heaven for business owners, investors or people who simply want to buy real estate because they get to keep more money in their pockets by not paying any tax! Not to mention that the currency used in the region is US currency. This is why there is a trend of more and more US citizens and even Europeans going to settle there to either settle or take advantage of its business opportunities.

If you are a real estate broker or investor and have some change, the Turks and Caicos real estate market is definitely a market to consider because it is getting more popular by the day.