Can You Really Work From Home and Make a Substantial Amount of Income On the Internet?

When you’re first starting out with internet marketing, all of the videos, seminars, webinars, etc. may be a bit overwhelming. With so much to learn can you really work at home and make a substantial amount of income?

Well, in the beginning, of course! Before you start anything, you must decide what you expect to gain from an internet marketing business. Is it the freedom of working from home, is it the ability to quit your day job, is it a hobby to earn income, or a combination of them all? After you have made the decision, you next need to decide where to turn for help and guidance with internet marketing? The internet is the obvious place, and while you can gain a significant amount of knowledge from reading, it’s the actual hands-on experience that gives you the power to excel.

As with anything in life, we didn’t come out of the womb knowing how to do things and just as we had to learn how to walk, crawl, and talk, you have to study internet marketing to know how it works. For some it’s a game, But for many its there livelihood, and they take it serious. Many people go the multimedia route to learn the ropes; videos, audio, eBooks, etc., but if you really want to learn the business, and you are truly serious, consider an internet marketing coach or mentor.

Your first thought may be, I am not going to pay someone to teach me what I can learn online, but the truth is there are many things that you cannot learn online, I don’t care how many eBooks you purchase.

A professional internet marketing coach, meaning someone who has lived or lives the life and not just read about it, will show you the inns and outs of the business from the ground up. There are different types of coaching, and after researching some of them, you can decide- this could be one-on-one coaching, or group sessions such as mastermind groups, or online instruction. The group format of learning seems to be the most rewarding for many because you have a chance to interact with others who have the same goal as you, to succeed at online marketing. Through these meetings, you might discuss the problems you’re having, ideas you might want feedback on, or even having the group critique some of your work.

One of the greatest things about pairing up with an internet marketing coach or mentor is that you can learn the secrets that others may not know, things that made them successful. You are also exposed to freebies like new product launches, guest speakers, and most importantly, sound advice from an expert who is in your corner. Even if you don’t have a lot of extra money to spend, consider a marketing coach or mentor as an investment in your near future. You won’t regret it.

So can you really work from home and make a substantial amount of income…… well yes in my opinion. If you search around and find a marketing coach or mentor who is willing to put there time in you and help you to become successful than you will succeed. As long as you’re willing to listen, learn and most of all keep an open mind and know that you can and will never know it all. “It’s not possible we all learn everyday.”